The first Telegram web wallet built on IOTA

We have selected the best sites for the construction of Bivreost. By connecting 700 million Telegram users to the IOTA network, it creates a fast and reliable gateway for the transfer of cryptocurrencies.

Why should you try Bivreost?

Without installation

Sending cryptocurrency without installing the application


Make an exchange without commissions

Without registering

Get started in a few clicks without registration


Chat with friends and exchange cryptocurrencies in one place.


Use a fast and beautiful interface


Send cryptocurrency to your Telegram friends, even if you don't know the address

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Allow yourself even more opportunities

Use the web extension and its unique features with our limited collection of NFTs

Bivreost card collection

Get the opportunity to expand the boundaries of interaction, exchange and launch investments in the IOTA ecosystem

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We are constantly working and getting better

We will briefly introduce you to the amount of work that has already been done and show you what remains to be done


Q2 2022

Development of the project idea

- Script writing - Development of data input and output scheme - Design development


Q3 2022

Work on the structure

- Closed alpha testing - Public alpha testing - Work on mistakes


Q4 2022

Application Implementation

- Reworking the front part to React - Adding a notification feature - Work on integration in resources - Public alpha version 2.0 - Private funding round - Security audit for the wallet - Release of the beta version of the application


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Technical documentation

Author, Bivreost Technical Director, Kirill Sermyagin.


Authors, Bivreost project team.


Author, founder of Bivreost, Rodion Vikol.

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